Ken Elliott

Ken Elliott’s career included a significant period working around the globe, spending large amounts of time in Latin America, Asia and, most significantly, Africa. It was in Africa in particular that he was able to spend at least some of his leisure time enjoying the continent’s amazing wildlife reserves. This experience was the catalyst in his decision to use his skills and connections to help vets and conservationists working to save endangered species. And this in turn led him to offer his support to WVI.

Although now largely retired after a career in marketing and sales for leading pharmaceutical companies, primarily in the veterinary sector but also in public health, Ken continues with some commercial consultancy as well as mentoring for a local youth charity. His association with WVI began several years ago, when he began to give invaluable advice on strategy and funding tactics, before becoming a trustee in 2015. His help has been instrumental in building WVI into a sustainable and effective organisation.