Sharon Miller

Sharon founded Wildlife Vets International in 2004, and is Chair of the Trustees. She brings with her a wide range of experience in business, politics and science.

After an initial Honours degree in Biology and Geography from Bristol University, and a Masters in Politics and Economics from the London School of Economics, Sharon worked for the European Commission and then the European Parliament. She was nominated for the Women of Europe Awards and was a successful final laureate, going on to chair the awards committee.

Subsequently, she trained in strategic management consultancy, and worked as a business management consultant before becoming CEO of an environmental health company. More recently, she retrained as a psychotherapist and is now a counsellor and coach to high profile athletes, musicians, actors and business people, primarily in the USA and UK.

Sharon has lived in Greece, Belgium and Russia, and travels extensively around the world. During her time in Russia she established AMUR – a British-Russian foundation dedicated to the conservation of Amur tigers and leopards. On her return to the UK she went on to establish WVI, having become aware of a profound need for an organisation that could provide flexible veterinary expertise to conservation projects around the globe.