WVI has only recently begun to work in India, and given the importance of this country to the survival of tigers in the wild, we sincerely hope our involvement will grow.


WVI’s Veterinary Director and big cat specialist, Dr. John Lewis, was invited to lecture at the 2016 Regional Asian Elephant and Tiger Vets meeting – a conference that brought together tiger (and elephant) vets from all over Asia. Not only was it a pleasure to present at the meeting, but meeting tiger vets from many countries has created many opportunities for WVI to further its Tiger Health Programme.

Information & Advice / Disease Investigation:

Following on from the Regional Asian Elephant and Tiger Vets meeting, WVI has agreed to assist Dr Sanath Muliya of the Department of Wildlife Health Management, Wildlife Institute of India, in analysing wild tiger mortality data for India’s National Tiger Conservation Authority, improve on standardised necropsy protocols and develop disease surveillance programmes. This is an exciting new direction for WVI.

In order to provide tiger vets with up-to-date information on diseases of wild tigers, WVI will be reviewing all published and grey data on the subject in the near future and make the results available via the website.