In collaboration with the Indonesian Department of Forestry, Taman Safari Indonesia and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), WVI has held many workshops in Indonesia over the years, training local forestry staff in safe trapping, immobilization and radio-collaring techniques for tigers, and in biological sample collection and storage.

Practical Clinical Help

WVI has given practical help to ZSL with the trapping and radio collaring of tigers over several years (the “Jambi Tiger Project”).

Disease Investigation

WVI played a pivotal role in establishing the Sumatran Tiger Health Forum in 2013. The forum was established to develop a Sumatra-wide disease surveillance programme for tigers, and although it is not yet fully active we remain involved in supporting its development.

Working with a range of local and international partners we are involved with establishing and expanding surveillance for Canine Distemper Virus in particular.

Information and Advice

WVI frequently provides tailored advice on many subjects to a range of organisations in Indonesia, and has been substantially involved in developing manuals of veterinary practice relevant to wild tigers.


WVI’s current intern vet, Jessica Bodgener, is researching the potential disease risks associated with ‘tiger corridors’ in Sumatra. These are narrow strips of land designed to link otherwise isolated tiger habitats. Disease risk should be one of the criteria used to select corridors, but the subject has received little attention to date.