Matt Brash

B.Vet. Med. Cert. Zoo Med. MRCVS

Matt Brash has always had a passion for the care, rehabilitation and return to the wild of wildlife, although he was in general veterinary practice for over twenty years before turning his full attention to working with wildlife and zoo animals.

Matt’s television career started back in 1998 with the BBC’s Vet to the Rescue, which was filmed at Chester Zoo, though he is probably best known for the ITV series, Zoo Vet and Zoo Vet at Large. Zoo Vet at Large followed Matt on the job at Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire, where he still works today. He has 1500 animals under his care, ranging from giraffes and lions to poison dart frogs and lizards.

In addition to being the vet for Flamingo Land, Matt works with the Wildlife Inspectorate – a branch of Global Wildlife – as a Veterinary Advisor. Since 2002, he has also been a government Zoo Inspector, making sure that UK zoos maintain high standards of welfare, as well as promoting conservation and education. He is currently the Junior Vice President of the British Veterinary Zoological Society.

Matt has been involved in many different areas of wildlife research, from radio tracking of mink in the Outer Hebrides to the biology and behaviour of badgers and the habits of urban foxes. The police, RSPCA and RSPB frequently call upon his expertise in order to help solve cases of wildlife crime. Farther afield, he has studied foot diseases in elephants in Sri Lanka and tracked the Javanese rhino.

Matt was also a veterinary advisor for the first two Harry Potter films, when he was responsible for the welfare of the owls.

Having joined WVI as a trustee in 2009, Matt became a patron in 2011. Thanks to his enthusiasm, WVI has been able to make invaluable contacts in the UK’s small animal veterinary world.

For more information about Matt’s numerous activities, please see his website and follow his blog on My Pet Online website.

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