Steve Leonard

Steve qualified from Bristol Vet School in 1996. Since then he has combined regular domestic veterinary work in the UK with filming wildlife documentaries for the BBC, ITV and Animal Planet. Although Steve’s regular veterinary work is with domestic pets he has extensive experience working with wildlife alongside many leaders in the field.

Steve’s knowledge of domestic dog disease and injuries together with his ability to castrate a dog on a table under a tree meant he was the perfect person to be the onsite WVI vet during the mobile vaccination and minor injuries clinics in Zimbabwe. The aim of these clinics is to reduce the disease in an area where endangered African painted dogs frequently come into contact with domestic dogs.

As patron of both WVI and Painted Dog Conservation, our partners on the ground, Steve is developing a joint programme that will not only help the painted (or hunting) dogs but increase the welfare and health of domestic dogs and people in the area.