Dr. Tom Ogilvie-Graham

Brigadier Ogilvie-Graham MBE commanded the Royal Army Veterinary Corps until 2011 and held the title of Queens Honorary Veterinary Surgeon. His resourceful nature, together with extensive experience of dogs in all environments (both geographical and political) made him the ideal candidate to lead the Painted Dog Health Project in Zimbabwe in 2010.

Weeks before he was due to leave, there was a canine distemper virus outbreak in the local domestic dog population. With potentially catastrophic effects on painted (or hunting) dogs, Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) were able to organise a series of domestic dog vaccination and minor injury clinics and Tom left the UK armed with 100s of doses parasite treatment and vaccine.

Under the guidance of Tom and Steve Leonard, the partnership with PDC runs these clinics vaccinating around 900 dogs every two years. The clinic in PDC’s rehabilitation centre becomes better equipped and research can start.